In solidarity with Cacerolazo movement and in recognition of woman labor/force, laptopsRus proposes crisisRus, an online global Cacerolazo live performance with woman performers, philosophers, writers, homemakers, artists, activists across north-south continents and east-west hemisphere.


crisisrus performance – Piksel 2013 from laptopsRus.

By adding the political and social content produced by the cross-disciplinary work of local women creators, CrisisRus seeks to enrich the network and to gather on the map a full picture of local/global crisis views.

Modelling after United Nations security council meeting set up, LaptopsRus/CrisisRus sets up its performers in the center of a circle with the audience seated around. In any given city we perform, we recruit throught the workshop local woman live performers in AV performance genre. Each works with the theme of ‘crisis’, ranging from personal, financial, political crisis they are facing/experiencing/advocating. For each performance, we also connect globally.

LaptopsRus has launched the new project CrisisRus at Piksel festival in Bergen, Norway on November 24, 2013 and its official premiere at Vision’R/FUZ festival at Le Generateur, Paris.

Piksel 2013, Norway:

Vision’r VJ Festival 2013, Paris:

Network Music Festival Sept. 2014, Birmingham:

Alpha nova-kulturwerkstatt & Galerie future, Oct. 2014, Berlín: