En 2008 en colaboración con la artista taiwanesa Shu Lea Cheang, desarrollamos el proyecto LaptopsRus en tour desde el 2009.

LaptopsRus es una red de mujeres performers audiovisuales que juntas celebran MEETING| REUNION, un encuentro en un ring de boxeo, un torneo entre mujeres artistas visuales para conocernos y hacer red. En 3 años de proyecto LaptopsRus consiguió unir/reunir a más de 200 artistas por todo el mundo.

LaptopsRus “MEETING | REUNIÓN” is open public meeting of women live performers set inside an electronically updated boxing ring installation. Meeting as performance, Reunion as tournament, women with laptops play with or against each other in collaborative and challenging ways. The laptop generation, each a mobile agent with own laptop, each claims her personal style while embracing interactive performance platform. Modeling after women wrestler’s tournament where women fight and sweat, “MEETING | REUNIÓN” presents an innovative form of live audiovisual performance. Each round of play situates two women on the opposite ringside, surrounded by video projections, aided by DJ sound system and moderated by a Matrix Mistress (MM). With preset play order , each live performer (invited and through open call) takes her side of the ring. Play rules are communicated. The audience are encouraged to be actively involved. They decide the playtime of each performer through collective vocal expression. Not unlike break dance showoff, each performer gets her playtime while anticipating chaotic intervention. In this tournament, no winners are declared. It is free style street culture – women in fight, in love, expressing (E)motion via their laptops with pixels and codes.

LaptopsRus cerró una primera temporada 2009-2010 con una espectacular performance en Matadero Madrid, completada por un taller de AV en Medialab-Prado y una serie de conferencias en el Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

En el año 2011 presentamos el proyecto en Asia, en Taiwan, culminando una performance y taller con más de 30 artistas de todo el mundo.

LaptopsRus MEETING | REUNIÓN performance touring [2009 – 2011]
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” HsinChu edition October, 2011
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” Four season Madrid June, 2010
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” STATTBAD Berlin Winter in Spring, 2010
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” Autumn on earth Autumn online, 2009
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” La Creación Electrónica Cáceres Summer, 2009
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” Mapping Geneva Spring, 2009
“MEETING | REUNIÓN” Vision’R Paris Spring, 2009

Maite Cajaraville + Shu Lea Cheang
Blanca Regina (may 2008 – july 2009)

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