“A VLADI Tale” An audiovisual narrative on public spaces, Vladikavkas, North Osetia, 2012

Following caucasian storytelling tradition, the project tries to get a new tale coming from the people from Vladikavkas OR How to get social and political issues hidden  from young people? How the meaning of the surroundings have change on people’s minds?


The aim of the project is to trace people’ thinking about very simple concepts, through their answers to a video camera. Small video cuts will be edited expressing their answers… what a grandfather thinks about marriage and what his grandson thinks about it… just a way to write a tale… Those videos will show sentences, landscapes, peoples faces, ….

Extracts of these videos will be show on diferent parts of the city doing a distribuited narrative as the original storytelling went from mouth to ear over the times. Like drops on the public way, shop windows, public spaces, TV stores, etc, will host parts of these videos as a tale for the people…

Three generations, grandparents, parents and children, will be involved to answer those questions. Those answers will show how concepts have changed or not on the living time of the population.

Questions are very simple and they are related to dayly life:

What the mountains means to you?, the marriage?, the tradition?, technologies?, the train?, the TV?, …

Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation
Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
National Centre for Contemporary Arts

Held on: August 8st – 25th 2012
Location: Vladikavkaz, North Osetia Alanica