22-05-2019 -Piksel Fest Spill

In May 2019, Piksel participates in the unofficial parallel activities around the Bergen International Festival. We call this new initiative Piksel Fest Spill. The goal of this new program is to add electronic performances to the art scene during the most international season in Bergen, May, and June.


Piksel Fest Spill program 2019 involves several activities in the festive season, the exhibition “Signal to Noise” curated by Tincuta Heinzel (RO), inviting internationally renowned artists working with the radio as a common theme. The workshop Do your own radio! by ∏-Node (FR), open to youngsters, grown-ups, and radio practitioners. The sound performance Expirator and the workshop Moving Sounds by Pierre Berthet (BE), musician, composer, and sound artist. At the Musikkpaviljongen in Bergen, the Piksel Pavilion presents a new event of Live Coding, music, and visuals, hosted by the Icelandic artist Hlöðver Sigurðsson and the Swiss artist Valentín Vago. They will also introduce us to the technological tools they use to perform live in two different workshops at Piksel Studio 207.